Chamber and Instrumental

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Pattern Pieces for Solo Piano

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Audio:  I.    II.   III.    IV.    V.    VI. 

Convergence for Oboe and Piano        View Score           

(recording currently unavailable)

In The Far Fields for Flute, Viola  and  Harp                                

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(recording of early version available on request)

Deploration for String Quartet                      

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Trio for Violin, Clarinet and Piano                           

View Score   Audio:  I. Aggressively     II.  Placido     III.  Molto perpetuo

Diorama for Violin and Piano                                

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Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano                           

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Three Pieces for Clarinet and Piano                    

View Score    Audio:  I. Dialogue     II.  Aria     III. Ostinato 

Fantasy Pieces for Piano Solo                             

View Score   Audio:  I.Prelude  II.Free Invention  III. Intermezzo  IV. Passacaglia  V.  Postlude 

The Melancholy Rags for Piano                      

View Score    Audio:  Moonlight in the Duneland  The Farewell Rag  The Redline Shuffle  Evening Air 

                                  The Country House Rag      The Temptress Rag

Variations for Piano Solo                                       

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Duo Concertante for Flute and Piano               

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Companion Piece for Clarinet and String Quartet      

View Score            (recording currently unavailable)

Three Pieces in D for Piano                               

View Score     Audio:  I.  Ricercare  II. Bagatelle  III.  Waltz Melancholia

                              I. Ricercare  (Performance by Ann Yi)

Second String Quartet

View Score            (recording currently unavailable)

Fantasia on Aus Tiefer Not for Piano Solo Four Hands    

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Toccata for Solo Piano    

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